On the whole, my thinking is much healthier than it’s been in a long time.  I notice I interact differently with people.  Even people I’ve worked with for years, there is an easiness to it now.  Which I’m very grateful for.

Today, I spoke to both my nephew and my sister, and by the end of the calls, I was feeling totally down.  I really started to get into a funk, and then I started talking to myself and stopping myself from going any deeper.  I talked myself out of it, by using stuff I learned in the seminar.   Thank you MKMMA!!!


MKE #22

I notice some great changes in me.  I find myself feeling more and more like I belong.  I’ve always felt on the outside looking in, and now I feel as if I am part of it.

It’s a great feeling!


MKE 21

I almost forgot to write my blog!  In any case, I feel a lot better about things this week.  Last week, I obviously had my head up my butt!   I can’t think lack and then wait for more money to come to me!

I am catching myself more often when my mind becomes negative.  I don’t have to remain in, or live in the muck.  All I have to do is change my mind!  Being aware makes all the difference.  I don’t have to  buy into the bullshit.

It so nice to breathe clean air again!


MKE 20

This week I’m not doing so good.  My mind is definitely in the dumps, and to go along with that, I’m getting flakey on my daily MKE work.  I’ve done just about everything up until now, but I’m in overwhelm, and I’m allowing that to take over.

I so want to be abundant financially, but I feel I am going the other direction.  I just want to win already!  I’m 67, even Colonel Sanders was only 66 when he made his fortune.

I played too much when I was younger.  I had a mother that would give me everything.  Now that she’s been gone for almost 7 years, reality really sucks!


MKE 19

I feel better about myself.  Before I started the , I was kind of down in the dumps. l I am thankful that the committee in my mind has calmed down.  It’s nice to not have so much noise going on in my head.

But what I’m noticing in the last few weeks in the feeling of lack.  Lack of money!

I am giving myself permission to be ABUNDANT and HAPPY!  I know that I am strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy!  However, I find myself questioning how people can afford to do all the things they do.

It might be coming up for me because the lease on my car is almost over, and I want to buy a car this time.   I want a mini cooper convertible and the price is kind of high (for me, yet I see them all over the place.  So how can all these people afford this car?

I just need to get my head out of my Tush, and start taking responsibility!