MKE 20

This week I’m not doing so good.  My mind is definitely in the dumps, and to go along with that, I’m getting flakey on my daily MKE work.  I’ve done just about everything up until now, but I’m in overwhelm, and I’m allowing that to take over.

I so want to be abundant financially, but I feel I am going the other direction.  I just want to win already!  I’m 67, even Colonel Sanders was only 66 when he made his fortune.

I played too much when I was younger.  I had a mother that would give me everything.  Now that she’s been gone for almost 7 years, reality really sucks!


2 thoughts on “MKE 20”

  1. Thank you for your authenticity. I understand the overwhelm, and it does not feel like it helps to be told we created our own reality, so we can also create the one we want. But that is the only way.


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