MKE 19

I feel better about myself.  Before I started the , I was kind of down in the dumps. l I am thankful that the committee in my mind has calmed down.  It’s nice to not have so much noise going on in my head.

But what I’m noticing in the last few weeks in the feeling of lack.  Lack of money!

I am giving myself permission to be ABUNDANT and HAPPY!  I know that I am strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy!  However, I find myself questioning how people can afford to do all the things they do.

It might be coming up for me because the lease on my car is almost over, and I want to buy a car this time.   I want a mini cooper convertible and the price is kind of high (for me, yet I see them all over the place.  So how can all these people afford this car?

I just need to get my head out of my Tush, and start taking responsibility!

2 thoughts on “MKE 19”

  1. Most people live paycheck to paychec, never saving anything. Going deeper and deeper into debt. That is another word for slavery. Yes, absolutely manifest that abundance and pay for that dream car with cash!


  2. Rachel, feed your dream! All that matters is you. You have abundance and happiness! Think of driving down to the marina in your mini cooper convertible, wind blowing your hair, seeing the clear blue Hawaiian sky and the clear blue ocean. What color is your mini cooper? Feel perfectly this car suits you….your tush in the seat, your hands on the wheel, and your right foot on the accelerator. Standard or Automatic? Great subject for a SIT!!! Blessings!!!

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