Master Key Experience Week 8

When I read what the assignment was going to be for week 8, I panicked!  NO TV FOR A WEEK!  OMG!!!  The first thing I did was watch the last episode I had recorded of The Young and Restless (that I’ve been watching since 1974), and then got on the call and haven’t watched the TV all week, cause I said I wouldn’t!

But I have to admit this was the perfect week for no TV!   Mark has a week on Network Marketing Super Hero’s running, and I have been watching that every night.  It’s been a real education thus far.  I’ve only heard of one of these guys, Big Al, but never really heard any of his stuff.   He’s a real character, but has some great words of wisdom.

Most of the people I listen to usually are people from the company I work with.  Most of the people in this particular company have joined and stayed for many years.  Heck, I’ve been with them for 20 years, even though  I’ve been struggling for a while, I totally believe in this company, and the products have changed my life, and my mother’s.  Her last years were without eating pain pills all day!

I’m also doing the mental diet.  I’ve slipped and caught myself, but on the whole, my mind isn’t putting me down all day long, and instilling fear.  Also,  I’m not living  in the comments about everyone else.  If I start to comment about someone to myself, I quickly stop it, and go on.    It’s amazing how much nicer everyone has gotten since I started this!  (LOL!)

This boat is on my Movie Poster.  As soon mine manifests , everyone is invited!

The adventure continues…….

beneteau 31

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